The Delta Fund was created in honor of Delta--a dog rescued from the streets who became a doggie angel when his battle with heartworms claimed him far too soon. Money from this fund is used to provide much-needed medical care for abused and neglected animals saved from the streets or local kill shelters.

Delta was desperately loved by his foster family, who were devastated by his loss.

"I fostered your dog for 47 days. The one you left on the streets and didn't want around. Memories flood my mind today as I think about what he got in those days. Medicines for hookworms, whipworms, heartworms, lung congestion, heart murmur, steroids for a lingering cough & 48 hours of an oxygen tank to help him breathe. Thank you Alive Rescue Memphis for the financial support and to my friends who continue to support Delta's bills on the You Caring site. You left me with a dog that I could not fix and I'll forever live with that. Your humanity died the day you left MY Delta. What you missed out on is seeing him live inside on a warm, Great Dane bed and having his very own daybed and bedroom, you missed out on seeing him get treats after taking baths, you missed out on Delta jumping on our sofa and laying in our laps, you missed out on his endless amounts of water and food. You missed out on his car rides & how he'd only sit in my lap when riding. He had cat brothers, Graham and Prescott who he loved to trail. You missed out when he didn't want to go outside and so he'd wiggle back & beagle bark. I broke down & bought hot dogs and cheap food just so he'd eat cause that's all he knew from the streets was crap. We watched Delta cower down for 20+ days into a dog that cried when he saw me cause he was so excited that I was back home ... I had so much more love to give and can't now. I'm sad and I'm mad cause I didn't get more of him. He had 4 families wanting him and because of you, we couldn't get him healthy enough. But in the end, I kinda thank you cause Delta entered my life because of you. To my Delta ... In life I loved you dearly. In death I love you still."

We love you, Delta, and it is in your honor that we pledge to help neglected and ill animals who need us the most.