Why foster?

Here are just a few of the lives we have had the privilege of saving over the years.



They said it could not be done. They said a black pit bull as one of the first pulls for a new rescue in town was an absolute mistake--but we did it. Sherwin is desperately loved by his forever family, who do not bat an eye at the color of his fur or the assumed nature of his breed. He is the biggest cuddle-bug goofball on the block. TAKE THAT, ridiculous stereotypes. #takingbackthebreed #bullysarethebest



Who dumps a puppy that is this adorable? We are not sure, and we do not want to meet them. We are thankful that Frappy was dumped in the yard of some of our favorite people, who immediately called us! You better believe that this little lady's sweet disposition and love of people landed her in a wonderful forever home!



This sweet girl was running the streets hungry, scared, and with a terrible case of heartworms. ALIVE Rescue Memphis grabbed her up and showed her all the love she had never known. We had our awesome vets treat her for the heartworms, and we are happy to say that today she is a healthy lady living with her best friend--a cat!--and their wonderful human.

Fostering saves lives. We provide our fosters with everything that they need--kennels, food, toys, treats, vet care, etc. You provide a warm and loving home for our animals in need.

If you are ready to help save lives by fostering an animal in need, please click here to fill out our foster application.