Alfalfa in the big city!


Alfalfa is adopted! To go from a dog in the surrender line at a kill shelter, to a new fabulous family in Chicago this quickly, is amazing. He broke out hearts at the shelter, and made us laugh with his underbite, and the rest is history. His new parents are amazing and Alfalfa and his cat buddy Finito, are enjoying each others company. Thank you to the Banker family for fostering. Enjoy the Windy City Alfalfa!

Queen of them all!

Queenie is adopted! Her new mom and dad are huge poodle lovers and made the decision that it was time to welcome another one into their family. Harry, her foster brother, made sure he got into the photo as well. Thank you to Randa, Harry, and the rest of the little dog crew at Randa's for showing Queenie the ropes while she was in her foster home. Enjoy your new life, little fluff!


Ophelia now Sophie is adopted! That took no time at all! She met her new family at Shelby Farms when her foster was taking her for an adventure and they fell immediately in love. Her new boyfriend Hachi is just as in love with her. Thanks to Anne, Michael, and Gia for fostering. Enjoy your new life Sophie.


Darla gets lucky!

Certain adoptions happen that make us want to stand on top of a building and yell, and this is one of them. DARLA IS ADOPTED!!!!! As a stray in North Memphis, this girl didn't have much of a shot, but thankfully, a friend of the rescue grabbed her and got her to safety. Any gorgeous dog who is great with other dogs and kids will get adopted immediately, right? Let's be real, Darla has a predominantly black body and a pitty head. Those two characteristics, unfortunately, make a dog less adoptable to the public. So we--and sweet Darla--waited...for 6 months. Daycare, professional photos, and videos produced a lot of likes, but nothing else. We knew the perfect home would finally come along, and it did. Sometimes, the most phenomenal dogs have to wait a bit longer to find their forever homes. Thank you so much to everyone who helped make this adoption possible. Thank you especially to Alicja for getting Darla to safety and never giving up on her. Enjoy your new life, Darla! No one deserves it more than you!



Luise--now Sasha--is adopted! She has a new brother named Bruin and two awesome parents. This girl went from a horrible situation to her new forever home in one month! Dog hair don't care for certain in this house. Check the comments for the special surprise they had for Sasha when we showed up to finalize. Thank you to Anne, Michael, and Gia for fostering.


Zeppelin flying high!

Zeppelin is adopted! This volunteer favorite was such a hit with the rescue, we were shocked he actually made it back from adoption events without getting stolen by a person wearing an ALIVE Memphis shirt. He has a wonderful new mom who recently lost a pup and was ready to open her home to a newbie. Enjoy your new life, Zeppelin! Thank you to Heidi and family for fostering and coming up with his cool name!



Great news!

After an extensive vetting process, Choux has decided to adopt her foster family! Choux has been spending countless hours training her foster family to get up to her standards, and it looks like the training has paid off. She gets tons of belly rubs and treats, and that is just fine with her. She could do without her new mom singing to her every morning, but it's not the worst thing in the world.

Thank you to everyone along the way who fostered this sassy cat, and we are so thrilled she has found her forever home!



Turnip is adopted! When we got the wonderful app from his adopter, she had actually applied for a different dog. We knew based on her lifestyle and desires in a dog that Turnip would be the perfect match. They met and fell in love, and the rest is history! Thanks Kate, Matt, and Rosie for fostering. Enjoy your new life, buddy!



Plum, now Rudy, is adopted! Memphis rescue has its challenges, especially when you're dropping off foster dogs and before leaving the foster home, a little stray runs by. Plum came to us the second day of January in a rainstorm with an old leg injury and clearly no one who cared about him. This sort of situation causes stress to any rescue, but because of the amazing rescue community here, a wonderful couple jumped in to foster this little guy. It didn't take long for them to realize that he was the missing link in their family, and we finalized his adoption tonight. He has an awesome mom and dad and a slightly grumpy senior brother who have all welcomed him with (semi-)open arms, and things could not have worked out better for this guy. This city may be tough at times, but it's people like Rebecca and Will who give us hope that we can continue to make positive strides here in the Mid-South. Enjoy your sweet new life, Mr. RudyPlum!


Dida Ritz

Dida is Adopted!!!! Her new name is Maya, which means love in the adopter's home country. When we showed up to finalize the adoption she already had presents from friends of the adopters welcoming her into her new home. This amazing dog went from the euthanasia list, to a foster, to an adopted home, in less than a month. Our hope is that all dogs in our program can get welcomed into new homes that quickly and we are incredibly excited for her. Thank you so much to Anne and Michael for fostering and to Gia for sharing her treats. Enjoy your new life Maya!


Sometimes, you just know.

When you look over the spreadsheet at West Memphis Animal Shelter and see a shar pei, you just know.

When you meet the dog at the shelter and get to see his amazing personality, you just know.

When you name that dog, Roosevelt, and take him to an amazing foster home who ignores his weird baldness and snuggles with him instead, you just know.

When, after weeks of vet visits, medicated baths and tons of snuggles his fosters family sends that text that says he's found his forever home with them, you just know. It was all meant to be. 

We are so happy to announce it's Pei Day and Roosevelt has found his forever home with his foster parents. It was love at first sight and we couldn't be happier for these three. 

Thank you to West Memphis Animal Services for getting Roosevelt off to a great start and thanks so much to Evangeline and Eric for welcoming Roosevelt into your home. Forever.



Eliza is adopted!!!! The following is the post from our amazing foster, Catherine Miller, who is also an incredible match maker! Thank you, Catherine and Mark for fostering Eliza! 

"Fostering dogs has been the most heartbreaking and rewarding experience of my life. Tonight I got to witness Eliza's gotcha day. Her new owner couldn't take his eyes off of her and her tail was wagging so fast that it looks like she doesn't have one. I left feeling like a successful matchmaker must feel. Brought two beautiful souls together to start a journey all their own. Thank you for adopting, thank you for giving her what I feel is her perfect forever home!  ❤❤❤"


We are so excited to announce: Reuben is adopted!!!!

This amazing dog has been in our program for quite some time but it turns out he was waiting for the perfect family to come along! We are so excited he's found his forever home!

Special thanks to Sarrah and Becka for fostering! Enjoy your new home, Reuben!


Nonna is ADOPTED! She sure didn't last long around here, but we knew that would be the case. Who could say no to her amazing personality, and she's a brindle bombshell. She has a huge backyard to romp around and a wonderful loving family. Nonna was too smitten on her new boyfriend, Brodie, to look at the camera, but that's ok--we get it. Thank you so much to Kim for fostering her. Enjoy your new life, lady!