Bambi- A Transformation.

First we will show you the photos of Bambi as she was found:

We were contacted by a friend of ALIVE Rescue Memphis who gave us the heads up that this teeny tiny malnourished pup was lying in the street giving up on life and waiting to die. She stopped her car and the tiny pile of skin and bones was so exhausted that she could not even lift her head.

So much love by this phenomenal foster and lots of the best vet care turned this little dog's life completely around.

When the time was right, the most amazing FOREVER FAMILY came to take Bambi home. Her name is now Layla in honor of her AMAZING foster Micaela. She provides companionship to her brother Scout and her family has told us that having her in their home has been the best sort of therapy they could ever hope to receive. Her love for live and tenacity make her a natural Service Dog! Enjoy your happy ever after, beautiful and still teeny tiny Layla!