Joanie.... aka Joan of pARC

A peasant girl in medieval France convinced the Crown that she was sent from God to free the people from England- who had laid siege to the city of Orleans.

And she did it.

Flash forward centuries to the city of Memphis- where our own Joan of Arc is defending the skate parks and public places from pesky wayward skateboards and other shenanigans.

That is our girl, Joanie. She came with her own patron saint, a hatred of skateboards, and the ability to naturally excel at parkour. All she needed was a forever home.

And she got one.

One of our earliest adopters who went home with a little chubby puppy named Graham Cracker saw Joanie's gorgeous face and decided she may be the perfect best friend for her big baby Graham.

Now the beautiful Joanie of pARC watches over a small herd of adorable children and cannot stop cuddling her best friend. 

Enjoy it, Joanie. This is everything we hoped for you!