Darla gets lucky!

Certain adoptions happen that make us want to stand on top of a building and yell, and this is one of them. DARLA IS ADOPTED!!!!! As a stray in North Memphis, this girl didn't have much of a shot, but thankfully, a friend of the rescue grabbed her and got her to safety. Any gorgeous dog who is great with other dogs and kids will get adopted immediately, right? Let's be real, Darla has a predominantly black body and a pitty head. Those two characteristics, unfortunately, make a dog less adoptable to the public. So we--and sweet Darla--waited...for 6 months. Daycare, professional photos, and videos produced a lot of likes, but nothing else. We knew the perfect home would finally come along, and it did. Sometimes, the most phenomenal dogs have to wait a bit longer to find their forever homes. Thank you so much to everyone who helped make this adoption possible. Thank you especially to Alicja for getting Darla to safety and never giving up on her. Enjoy your new life, Darla! No one deserves it more than you!