Plum, now Rudy, is adopted! Memphis rescue has its challenges, especially when you're dropping off foster dogs and before leaving the foster home, a little stray runs by. Plum came to us the second day of January in a rainstorm with an old leg injury and clearly no one who cared about him. This sort of situation causes stress to any rescue, but because of the amazing rescue community here, a wonderful couple jumped in to foster this little guy. It didn't take long for them to realize that he was the missing link in their family, and we finalized his adoption tonight. He has an awesome mom and dad and a slightly grumpy senior brother who have all welcomed him with (semi-)open arms, and things could not have worked out better for this guy. This city may be tough at times, but it's people like Rebecca and Will who give us hope that we can continue to make positive strides here in the Mid-South. Enjoy your sweet new life, Mr. RudyPlum!