Sometimes, you just know.

When you look over the spreadsheet at West Memphis Animal Shelter and see a shar pei, you just know.

When you meet the dog at the shelter and get to see his amazing personality, you just know.

When you name that dog, Roosevelt, and take him to an amazing foster home who ignores his weird baldness and snuggles with him instead, you just know.

When, after weeks of vet visits, medicated baths and tons of snuggles his fosters family sends that text that says he's found his forever home with them, you just know. It was all meant to be. 

We are so happy to announce it's Pei Day and Roosevelt has found his forever home with his foster parents. It was love at first sight and we couldn't be happier for these three. 

Thank you to West Memphis Animal Services for getting Roosevelt off to a great start and thanks so much to Evangeline and Eric for welcoming Roosevelt into your home. Forever.