Ziti is adopted!

Ziti is adopted! Her new name is Stella, and she has a new mom to give her all the love she needs. She was rescued by Animal Rescue Corps in a hoarding case and transferred to our rescue. We are ecstatic to have been a part of her journey to her new life. Thank you so much to Emily for fostering and to Gretel for sharing her dog treats. Enjoy your new life lady!

Joanie.... aka Joan of pARC

A peasant girl in medieval France convinced the Crown that she was sent from God to free the people from England- who had laid siege to the city of Orleans.

And she did it.

Flash forward centuries to the city of Memphis- where our own Joan of Arc is defending the skate parks and public places from pesky wayward skateboards and other shenanigans.

That is our girl, Joanie. She came with her own patron saint, a hatred of skateboards, and the ability to naturally excel at parkour. All she needed was a forever home.

And she got one.

One of our earliest adopters who went home with a little chubby puppy named Graham Cracker saw Joanie's gorgeous face and decided she may be the perfect best friend for her big baby Graham.

Now the beautiful Joanie of pARC watches over a small herd of adorable children and cannot stop cuddling her best friend. 

Enjoy it, Joanie. This is everything we hoped for you!

Bambi- A Transformation.

First we will show you the photos of Bambi as she was found:

We were contacted by a friend of ALIVE Rescue Memphis who gave us the heads up that this teeny tiny malnourished pup was lying in the street giving up on life and waiting to die. She stopped her car and the tiny pile of skin and bones was so exhausted that she could not even lift her head.

So much love by this phenomenal foster and lots of the best vet care turned this little dog's life completely around.

When the time was right, the most amazing FOREVER FAMILY came to take Bambi home. Her name is now Layla in honor of her AMAZING foster Micaela. She provides companionship to her brother Scout and her family has told us that having her in their home has been the best sort of therapy they could ever hope to receive. Her love for live and tenacity make her a natural Service Dog! Enjoy your happy ever after, beautiful and still teeny tiny Layla!

Maude the Magnificent Tri-Pawed Gets FUREVER!!!

 This young lady has had a rough start to life but she just got her happy ending!

Maude was hit by a car and had to have a leg amputated immediately after being brought to the shelter. Alive Rescue Memphis was contacted for help and we swept in and saved her. Right after her leg amputation- poor little Maude broke with parvo and had to spend days at the vet while we all hoped for the best. All 6 pounds of her is full on fighter and we are confident she will live to be at least 25, after everything she's overcome so far in her short life. Thank you so much to her amazing fosters Kate, Matt & Gandalf the cat for taking Maude in. We love you little lady! Now go enjoy your amazing new life with your three dog friends and new moms. ‪#‎maudethetripod‬  #whywerescue

Caffe Before and After


This past fall we had a chance to take in dogs rescued through Animal Rescue Corps who were in very bad hoarding and neglect situations. Caffe came to us a scared little ball of yellowed white fluff. We were fortunate enough to have a foster take her into their home and take excellent care of her! Here she is before going in to foster care and then a few weeks after being rescued! What a difference a loving home makes! THIS is why we rescue!

Mango runs her first 5k!!

Alumni Mango powered through her first 5K this weekend. She ran with her mom in The Fast and the Furriest, benefiting The Humane Society of Memphis and Shelby County! We cannot think of a better way for this sweet girl to give back to her community than by running in a race to save the lives of other pups in the Memphis area! Thank you, Mango for your hard work and dedication to  pups and the people they love- the human race. Pun indeed intended. Run on, sweet Mango!

We are so happy to see you safe and active and loved!